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Take full advantage of low wall space

Designed to be placed under the window, the Solo provides great flexibility in room design. It is the ideal choice for for solariums or height-restricted areas.


Starting at :   
$335.00 *



Installation Quick-mounted surface installation with easy snap-on bracket that also serves as marking template.

Connection 240V, 60 cycles with armoured cable complete with junction box cover and wire connector supplied with heater. Installation requires a wall box (not included).

Installation height 4 in.

20 in Sides: 6 in Above: 4 in

Note 3-conductor cable or 2-conductor cable plus a third wire should be used if units is to be linked with the Convectair Programmer module (7392 FP).


Total capacity (500 to 2000 W)
Convection X-shaped, monoblock element made of surface-treated extruded aluminum.

Thermal protection Automatic reset overheat protection with warning lights.


Electronic thermostat Built-in electronic proportional-action thermostat ultraprecise to 1/5ºF

Programmer Control panel designed to accept the 7392 Programmer module.


Location Located on top right hand side of the unit with see-through lockable protective cover.

Dial 1 Thermostat control dial can be locked.
Dial 2 Economy adjustment dial (setback can be set between 4ºF and 13ºF below the Comfort setting).

Mode-function selector 5-mode-function selector with indicator light:

  • Off;
  • Comfort;
  • Economy;
  • Frost protection (45ºF);
  • Program (automatic setback when connected to the Convectair Programmer – see technical specifications for catalogue number 7392).

Indicator light Heating indicator light.


Steel construction with polyester/epoxy anti-rust powder coating.

Cabinet Bottom-mounted protective pan and built-in side wire covers.

Louvres Front-louvered air outlet that hides the unit interior and directs heat towards the center of the room.

Color BB = White GR = Greige


Dimensions : Height : 14 1/4 " Depth : 4 "
No product 240 V 208 V Width Color Price
WattsBTU/h WattsBTU/h cmin
A7382-C05BB 500 1706 375 1279 19 5/8 White $0.00
A7382-C05GR 500 1706 375 1279 19 5/8 Greige $0.00
A7382-C07BB 750 2559 562 1917 22 7/8 White $0.00
A7382-C07GR 750 2559 562 1917 22 7/8 Greige $0.00
A7382-C10BB 1000 3412 750 2559 26 White $0.00
A7382-C10GR 1000 3412 750 2559 26 Greige $0.00
A7382-C12BB 1250 4265 937 3197 32 1/4 White $0.00
A7382-C12GR 1250 4265 937 3197 32 1/4 Greige $0.00
A7382-C15BB 1500 5118 1125 3838 35 1/2 White $0.00
A7382-C15GR 1500 5118 1125 3838 35 1/2 Greige $0.00
A7382-C17BB 1750 5971 1312 4476 41 3/4 White $0.00
A7382-C17GR 1750 5971 1312 4476 41 3/4 Greige $0.00
A7382-C20BB 2000 6824 1500 5118 41 3/4 White $0.00
A7382-C20GR 2000 6824 1500 5118 41 3/4 Greige $0.00
A7382-C28BB 2000 6824 26 White $0.00
A7382-C28GR 2000 6824 26 Greige $0.00

   Prices are subject to change.


Natural convection

For even heat distribution
Natural convection operates on a key principle of physics: hot air rises and cold air falls. When cold air at floor level comes into contact with the X-shaped monoblock heating element, it becomes warm. This element offers exceptional heat conductivity. Each Convectair using natural convection heating therefore transfers as much heat possible to the greatest volume of air.

Thanks to a chimney effect, this warm air rises and is projected through the slanted grille slats toward the centre of the room. Air from the entire room follows in a completely silent, gentle flow. The result is a stable, even temperature. Equipped with precise electronic thermostats, natural convection heaters are the solution of choice for rooms where constant, even comfort is required.

Healthy air

Convectair natural convection heaters do not dry out the air in a room. Since they operate without a fan and the element never heats to red-hot, any particles that are naturally suspended in the air do not burn.
The result: the air stays healthy and the humidity rate remains balanced.  

A consistent room temperature

A Convectair maintains the selected temperature without allowing major fluctuations. Thanks to the electronic thermostat, sensitive to within 1/10 °C (1/5 °F), the room’s occupants can go about their business for as long as they like, in a steadily warm environment without fiddling with the thermostat, oblivious to changes in the outside temperature.

Peace and quiet

Are you looking for noiseless heating? Whether the model you choose has the X-shaped convection element or a radiant heating surface, Convectair's convection and radiant heaters are designed to work in total silence. You won’t have to put up with the crackling of distorted metal, the bursts of noise caused by sudden temperature changes, the droning fan of a central-air system, or the sizzling of a dusty element.

A balanced heating plan

When you purchase or install a heater in a home, you should establish a heat distribution plan to evaluate the heating requirement of each room or area of the home. Installing heat sources at several strategic points prevents the overheating of one single unit as it tries to keep up with demand for the whole room. When the heaters are placed at the right spots around the room, the result is maximum comfort and complete safety.

Would you like us to plan your ideal heating plan? Contact the team of Convectair experts. This service is free, and it could save you a bundle!
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Do a heat loss calculation on-line now!

Different degrees of heating comfort : Close the doors

When convection heaters on the same floor are not set to the same degree of heating comfort, the door to each room should be closed. In doing so, you’ll prevent overburdening a few units with the task of heating a cool air mass from neighbouring rooms.

Intelligent heaters

Convectair's bathroom heaters are designed to withstand splashes. All the fans (except the one of the Soprano) operate on a timer, so that the heater can’t be left turned on by mistake.

The bigger models feature a control panel that is easy to access but safely out of children’s reach. The smaller units and the convection heaters have a panel that can be made tamper-proof.

Last but not least, the Opera 12 and Opera 17 are equipped with an absence detector that gradually decreases the heating temperature when nobody is in the room. Also, the open-window function is activated, when a window opens, to prevent wasting energy.

The highest standards

Convectair heating units meet Canadian and American safety standards . In addition, their designs are based on the more stringent performance standards applied in Europe.

Convectair Warranty

  • 2 years against all defects
  • 5 years on heating elements

Once the guarantee expires, the Convectair technical team is a reliable source of advice and service. Even 20 years after purchase, most Convectair unit can be repaired and refurbished.

Consult here a list of our authorized Service Centers

For a reliable and guaranteed installation, we recommend that all units be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

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